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Dr. Bill Pasewark is fortunate to have been employed in a wide variety of jobs across the country. He attributes much of his job marketability to selecting business courses in high school that were further reinforced by collegiate business undergraduate and graduate courses at New York University.

  • Sergeant, U.S. Marine Corps. Rifleman and administrative work at camps in South Carolina, Nebraska, North Carolina, Hawaii, Guam, and the Battle of Iwo Jima.
  • Office jobs in mid-Manhattan and the Wall Street section of New York City. Wholesale coal company, large department store, large retail florist, music and dance school.
  • Textbook Author's Assistant at New York University. Revised a series of best-selling calculator machine textbooks.
  • Student Teacher, inner-city New York City high school.
  • Professor at New York University, Meredith College, Pennsylvania State University, Michigan State University, and Texas Tech University. Taught in the Colleges of both Business and Education.
  • Visiting professor at California State University Fresno, Northern Arizona State University, Central Connecticut State College.
  • On-campus Professor Emeritus at Texas Tech University.
  • Pasewark LTD. An entrepreneurship business authoring business and computer textbooks.