Office Machines to Computer Textbooks

His office machines and office procedures books evolved naturally into the authorship of computer textbooks:

  • Dictating/Transcribing machines to Microsoft Word
  • Calculating machines to Microsoft Excel
  • Reprographic machines to Microsoft Publisher
  • Records Management to Microsoft Access
Award-Winning Textbooks

Many factors contributed to the production of his award-winning textbooks:

  1. In 1948, Bill Pasewark was hired by his major professor at New York University (for $0.75 an hour) to prepare manuscript for a series of best-selling calculator machine textbooks.
  2. Dr. Pasewark is among the first authors of computer textbooks designed for classroom use:  SuperCalc in 1987 and Microsoft Works in 1991.
  3. In addition to the combined talents of the Pasewark family, there were planned experiences that contributed to the success of their authorship:
  • Being the General Partner of the family's entrepreneurship business, Pasewark LTD, realistic business experiences are reflected in the content of their textbooks.
  • Teaching business teachers in graduate classes was an opportunity to discover what classroom teachers wanted in their textbooks.
  • Giving professional speeches before business teachers at conventions in 31 states and conferring with them before and after meetings.
  • Administering questionnaires to business teachers who evaluated his presentations and asking what their three major problems were with teaching computer or business courses. Solutions to the teachers' problems were then provided in Dr. Pasewark's textbooks.
  • Visiting schools and businesses to stay informed about business practices, Bill Pasewark learned what schools needed to teach in order to prepare students for jobs.
  • Keeping abreast of modern business world practices, Bill Pasewark joined many business associations such as the Chamber of Commerce, Lubbock Executive Club, and Better Business Bureau. Since 1957, he has been a continuous member of the largest Lions Club chapter in the United States.
  • Staying current on educational trends while a member of the National Business Education Association since 1952.
  • Establishing relationships with the nationwide sales force. Dr. Pasewark stayed in the homes of sales representatives, instead of hotels, during extensive speaking tours in their territories; played golf and poker with the executives of the publishing company; and recognized sales representatives in the acknowledgements section of his books. Many professional sales representatives made educationally sound presentations to teachers about his books. He appreciated their valuable work as "bridges" between the author and teachers.

Dr. Pasewark's first computer textbook, 1987

Author of 92 business and computer textbooks

Family Co-Authors

Dr. Bill Pasewark and his wife, Jean, established a limited partnership with their six children who became an authorship team, each specializing in segments of Microsoft Office. The Pasewarks may be the only family authorship team--and almost certainly the only team with two parents and six children. Family authorship of best-selling computer textbooks was possible only because Jean nurtured the children so when the opportunity came, the siblings had a congenial "working-together" attitude.

Of 16,000 entrants, Jean was the Family Circle magazine 1969 Honorable Mention Homemaker of the Year.

Jean Pasewark

Pasewark family textbook co-authors