After Marine boot camp, 1943


Author of 92 textbooks



The purpose of this website is to establish Dr. William R Pasewark’s credibility with potential collaborators who will publish the articles listed below. These articles will enrich American education and strengthen our country.


1. The Greatest Generation. No! Tom Brokaw’s Book is Fake History.

Tom Brokaw claims those who lived during the Depression and WW II are the Greatest Generation. 

Bill Pasewark lived during the Great Depression and was a Marine Sergeant during the battle for Iwo Jima.

Using 8 criteria that define a great generation, Dr. Pasewark compares Mr. Brokaw’s Depression/WW II Generation with our American Colonial Revolutionary Generation.

The spreadsheet criteria provide irrefutable evidence that our Revolutionary Generation is our Greatest Generation. 

2. Evaluating Teachers and Lessons

A feasible and cost-effective plan to evaluate teachers and lessons for all schools, at all levels, in all subjects.

3. Requiring Business Subjects for all High School Students.

Teaches all students to become financially self-sufficient with principles that also apply to families, businesses, and governments.

4. Textbook Authorship:  60 years of Smiles and Tears.  (In process)

How authors and publishers can improve textbooks for all high school students.

5. Evaluating Newspaper Articles, Journal Articles, and Textbooks (In process)

Based on a graduate course taught at New York University and Texas Tech University. (In process)


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Some of the people we seek as collaborators to help strengthen our youth and thereby our country include:

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Charitable Foundations
Professional Organizations


All citizens concerned about the future of America



Dr. Bill Pasewark was a Marine Sergeant during the 1945 Battle of Iwo Jima. Using the G.I. Bill of Rights, he earned his PhD at New York University and taught business, computer, and education courses at New York University; Meredith College, Raleigh; Pennsylvania State University; Michigan State University; and Texas Tech University. He has authored an impressive 92 best-selling and award-winning textbooks, given speeches in 31 states, and spoken on 29 college campuses.

Dr. Pasewark is concerned about the perilous future of America. He and his daughter, Susan Hess, have presented his lecture, "Iwo Jima: What Happened and What I Learned," 31 times in three years with an audience outreach of 2,300. Together they explain how today's radical Islamic terrorist war is similar to the religious battles in World War II against the Japanese.